Think Accurately

Think Accurately


Your power of thought is the only thing that you have absolute control over. To use this power effectively, you must think accurately. Successful people make their own decisions and have a definite system by which they reach decisions with accuracy. They gather information and get the opinions of others, but in the final analysis stage, they make the decision themselves.

There are two fundamental bases for accurate thinking: inductive reasoning which is based on assumption of unknown facts or hypotheses when the facts are not available; and deductive reasoning based on known facts or what are believed to be facts.

An effective thinker always takes two important steps. First he separates facts from fiction or hearsay that cannot be verified. Second, he separates facts into two categories, important and unimportant. An important fact is one that can be used to his advantage in attaining his objective. All other facts are worthless.

Accurate thinkers know that emotions are not always reliable. They protect themselves against emotions by carefully examining and weighting them through the power of reason and the rules of logic. In addition they recognize the ‘free advice’ volunteered by friends and others, may not be worthy of consideration. Sound advice can be sought from a dependable source and paid for in one way or another. Because he knows nothing of value is obtained without careful consideration.

Obviously, accurate thinking calls for the highest order of self-discipline, a trait that is very closely related. Prompt and accurate decisions are the most important cornerstones of success in all walks of life. They are not attainable without courageous and honest self-discipline. By making decisions you have the freedom to move forward. Collect your data, draw your conclusions, and decide to act.