The Magic Bank Account

The Magic Bank Account


Imagine that you won the following prize in a contest: Each morning, your bank will deposit $86,400 into your private account, and you may spend the money entirely as you please. However, there are a few rules:

  1. Whatever remains in the account at the end of each day will be deleted; it cannot be added to the next day’s $86,400.
  2. You may not transfer money into another account.
  3. You will not, at any time, be given an official date for discontinuation of deposits. That is entirely at the bank’s discretion, and they are under no obligation to give you any warning before permanently closing the account.

What would you do with this prize?
I’m guessing that you would rush to buy everything you wanted most. Soon, finding you couldn’t spend all that money on yourself, you would shower your friends and loved ones with gifts. You would give freely and generously even to strangers. You would try to spend every penny of the funds, and spend it well, because its usefulness would only last for one day at a time.

Aren’t you already wishing this game was real?
Well—surprise!—it is. Only, the 86,400 isn’t measured in dollars. If the number doesn’t mean anything to you, consider: 60 x 60 x 24 = 86,400. And what are there 24 of in every day; and what common units are measured in sixties?

Right! With 60 seconds in every minute, 60 minutes in every hour, and 24 hours in every day—each new day, life presents us with a gift of 86,400 seconds. And the gift isn’t just a prize for a lucky few; literally everyone gets it, every day, free of obligation. We can’t put aside so much as one second for the next day; we can’t reclaim time once we let it slip by ignored; and while the account is fully replenished each day, there’s always the possibility it may be dissolved any time without warning.

Strangely, many people who would give anything to win a single deposit of $86,400 can’t seem to find any value in their daily allotment of 86,400 seconds. They “kill time” with mindless loitering about; “waste time” fuming over life’s not being arranged to their liking; or rush through time like it wasn’t there, trying to catch some elusive success or fame or satisfaction. That’s like taking $86,400 in money and burning it, or letting it sit ignored waiting to expire. Time is here to be invested, savored, spent wisely.

We often hear that “time is money.” Actually, time is far more valuable. One dollar is the same as any other dollar, but every second is unique. It comes to us bringing its own irreplaceable opportunities; and unless we learn to watch for these, they race away before we can think.

What will you do today with your 86,400 seconds? I hope you will take care of yourself, love deeply, and enjoy life! Have a wonderful and beautiful day.