The Butterfly Approach To Success

The Butterfly Approach To Success


Struggle is nature’s teacher. The strongest trees in the forest aren’t the most protected. However, the trees that do protect, and takes the brunt of what nature sends their way will gain strength as a result. With strength also comes flexibility, you must sway and move with the flow otherwise you may break. Avoiding struggle and attempting to take the ‘easy way out’ never serves us well.

Have you ever witnessed a butterfly emerging from its cocoon? Did you notice how difficult the struggle was to break free? Imagine what would happen to that butterfly if you decided to ‘help it along’. Maybe you opened the cocoon just a little bit, or scooped it out of the cocoon making it easier for it to be free. Do you know what might happen next? It would most likely not survive. The struggle is the preparation for the subsequent stage of its life. The struggle ensures longevity for this small creature. Just as struggle ensure success for us.

By avoiding the struggles you miss the opportunities for growth, change, and improvement. Struggle forces us to move when we would rather stand still. Just ask any successful individual and you will learn of the struggles they were lucky enough to have endured. It is often through adversity that we discover a new or better way to approach a situation. After all, necessity is said to be the mother of innovation and invention.

Remember the butterfly the next time you are presented with a struggle. Decide to learn from the opportunity and use it to move you closer to your goals and dreams. Don’t allow yourself to be handicapped by avoiding the necessary challenges you are faced with on your path to success. Embrace the moments that confront you, no matter how difficult they may seem in the present. Reflect now on the many lessons you have already been taught as a result of a struggle you faced and conquered. Move forward confidently in your new paradigm and welcome the struggles – be the butterfly!