Start Where YOU Stand

Start Where YOU Stand


Everybody has what it takes to be successful—everybody! Yes, that means you, too. Today is the day—right now is the time—to act. Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready or don’t have everything you need. What you need will come, and what you need to know you will learn, in the process of success. All you need is a sense of what you were made for and a passionate yearning to achieve it, and obstacles will melt away as you follow your dream forward.

Opportunities will quickly present themselves once you are focused on your desired outcome. Don’t let anyone convince you that you were made to live in scarcity. We are surrounded by abundance, and when you believe in your objectives and are crystal clear on what you need, what you need will come to you. Have you ever heard the Buddhist proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”? That applies equally well to the achiever and the opportunity. To maximize results, keep a vivid picture in your mind that shows your goals clearly; the more focused you are on your objectives, the sooner you will achieve them. Even better than a mental picture is a physical one; consider making your own “vision board,” a collage of images representing your goals, and putting it where it will be seen regularly as a reminder of what is most important to you.

Once your vision starts to come into focus, back it up with positive action! Instead of spending your spare time on television and random Web surfing, devote yourself to learning how to move in the right direction. Get some audiotapes and use your car as a “university on wheels.” Reserve time each evening for inspirational and educational reading in your chosen field. Study the experts who have already achieved in the area you’re aiming for; learn from what they did right and what they did wrong. (Successful people are always generous with their advice and candid about their mistakes.)

Bring in some immediate flesh-and-blood help, too. Find a mentor who knows what will increase your options for success. Join (or start) a Mastermind group of entrepreneurs who meet regularly to exchange ideas, offer input, and hold each other accountable; by joining forces all of you will realize maximum progress.

Then (it’s amazing how many neglect this vital step), put what you’ve learned into practice! Set goals and make detailed plans for achieving them. Direct all your thoughts and energy toward making your vision a reality, while staying generous and loyal to others—and to yourself.

Start today, where you stand right now, to fulfill your dream. Look deep inside yourself to find your desired outcome. Spend more time with your optimistic acquaintances and leave the nothing-ever-works crowd. Ask your friends to help you out with ideas, accountability, and shared positive energy. Get someone to help you design a system for staying on top of your responsibilities. Today, take action and start moving forward. You can do it!