Richmond, TX Skills-Based & Active Learning School: Shady Oak

Skills-Focused Learning

Skills-Focused Learning

Students retain more knowledge through skills-based learning versus fact-based learning. Skills-based learning teaches concrete skills as opposed to abstract concepts. Our curriculum focuses more on a child’s competency in an individual skill rather than their understanding of an overall subject. Through skills-based learning at our Richmond school, students learn independence, thinking skills, collaboration, and active learning at the same time as knowledge is acquired. Fact-based learning, on the other hand, requires just two skills: listening to a lecture and note taking.

We Don’t Use Traditional Report Cards

At our Richmond school, skills-based and active learning is reflected in our report cards. Our report cards don’t have grades on them. What is reflected is how your child is doing on specific skills. In Math, for example, your child may have a great understanding of percentages but needs to work on following formulas. Or your child may be able to read but needs to work on their comprehension of what they’re reading. We spell it out in our report cards. Any teacher or parent can look at our report cards and say, “Okay, I know exactly where this student is at with this concept.”

We Teach To An Individual’s Skill Level

Every child learns at a different pace. If a student lacks certain skills in 1st grade, we don’t hold them back. We have until 5th grade to make sure that child has mastered those skills. And if a student can demonstrate they already have mastery in a certain skill, they can skip a learning module entirely. In the skills-based learning at our Richmond school, students learn to master one competency at a time. Each skill is a small component of a larger learning goal.

Our Teachers Are Specialists

In most elementary schools, one teacher teaches all subjects. But one teacher cannot be an expert on – or passionate about! – every subject. Our teachers specialize in the subject they are teaching – such as social studies, science, math, gym or art. Our teachers have a passion in the area they specialize in and that passion is contagious!

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