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Your Child is Redundant | Debbie Elder | TedxSugarLand

Step Back And Start Over! Reimagining Our Education System And Innovative Education Expert Debbie Elder

Today on Dreams ARE Real Debbie Elder is convinced we need an entirely new and different approach to education. With an incredible array of experience, she’s a truly innovative education expert and the owner and head of school at Shady Oak Primary School.

Listen and you’ll hear how incredibly clear Debbie is about what’s needed to stop the broken patterns in our current educational system. In fact, her school is modeling the solution right now at Shady Oak Primary and the incredible results speak for themselves.

Catch Debbie Elder On The #PIRATEBROADCAST

Today on the #PirateBroadcast Russ Johns and Debbie Elder reach out to let us know what it’s like to be a teacher, student or even a parent in our current situation. They talk about the challenges that have been brought upon the parents, trying to juggle schoolwork, household responsibilities, taking care of the children and working from home. Resiliency and being about to adapt to the current situation are the keys to making everything work, because nothing is ever going to be the same again.

The 6 Pillars Of Success For Kids

March podcast, Debbie did a great podcast recently on The 6 Pillars of Success for Kids

An Interview With Joyce Trigger

November/ December Podcast with Joyce Trigger reflecting on her 30 plus years of early childhood education.

Self Care

October Podcast with Deidre Doggett & Brandie Mitchell on Taking Care of Oneself.

Hurricane Harvey

September Podcast with Jaclyn Snyder, family therapist, and Elizabeth Bryant, Search & Rescue Canine Handler, Science educator, and current candidate for the Texas House of Representatives on the effect that Hurricane Harvey may have on your children or family.

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