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The Nurtured Heart Approach® was developed from my work with the most challenging and intense children. Schools and treatment centers report that it not only positively transforms “difficult” children, but has the same impact on more cooperative children as well. The Nurtured Heart Approach enables adults to quickly experience great impact in helping children channel their intensity into great choices and great qualities of character and leadership.

Those who have studied this approach become agents of change in their homes, schools, agencies, and programs. They inspire those around them to interact with children in a new way that acknowledges and amplifies greatness in every area of those children’s lives.

 –Howard Glasser, Chairman of the Board, Children’s Success Foundation


Children these days seem increasingly “intense”—restless, emotionally volatile, stubborn. Many parents, teachers, and therapists find themselves struggling to cope with the issues those children raise. In the worst-case scenarios, teachers become frustrated to the point of reconsidering their profession; schools bombard already exhausted parents with complaints; and overloaded treatment professionals take the easy way out with quick ADD/ADHD diagnoses and medications, often without considering the child’s individual needs or how medication may cause worse problems in the future.

Faced with problematic behavior, most adults react by cranking up the “conventional” methods that feel natural to them: they demand compliance to the old “sit still and listen quietly” tradition, and, when this doesn’t work, respond with punishment or “special education” programs that make the situation worse. The society-wide “intensity” dilemma can itself only worsen … until the majority view shifts toward an approach that truly works.

Because it isn’t the intense children, nor the parents and teachers themselves, who are to blame for the situation. The fault lies in the “standard” teaching-and-discipline methods, which fail to take into account the needs of intense personalities. The energy that drives the intense child can be a lifelong problem or a source of greatness.

One proven method for channeling energy toward the latter result is the Nurtured Heart Approach®, which emphasizes “Inner Wealth” (strength of character) and reinforcement of positive behavior.

Let’s help the intense child discover that he or she is no longer a “bad kid” nor merely a “good kid,” but a “great kid” with great things to contribute. Even more important, let’s learn how to light up the runway for children at all levels of intensity.


Course Instructor:
Debbie Elder, Certified Nurtured Heart Trainer

Date and Time:
Saturday, July 15th, 2017   9 am – 4 pm

Shady Oak Primary School, 600 Main St., Richmond, TX 77469

$297.00 ($97.00 for returning Nurtured Heart Trainees) Includes lunch


Number of Attendees

***Follow-up coaching is available after completing this 6-Hour Immersion Course.


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