Ensuring Your Child Becomes a Successful Adult

Ensuring Your Child Becomes a Successful Adult


When I decided to homeschool my children a few years back, and I sat down to figure out my curriculum, I realized one of the things that was so important and very often overlooked in public schools is what kids need to know to become successful adults. There is so much more to learning than just academics. At Shady Oak Primary School, we incorporate into our curriculum a philosophy of preparing the children for success in society.

Within our lessons we include:

How to speak in public. The students give presentations both to their class and to adults outside the school. They present results from a project they’ve worked on, or a solution to a problem that was posed in class. This gives us the opportunity to see where a student might need to work on specific areas.
How to have an intelligent conversation. Listening techniques, how to contribute, and how to respond to show you’re “hearing” the other person.
Accelerated learning so you can spend more time having fun. We teach focus and concentration techniques to get work done more quickly and efficiently.
How to balance life. It’s not all school and work - we teach them how to make time for play, how to prioritize when it’s time to focus on schoolwork, and when it’s time to take a break.
How to eat at a table. We have regular feasts where we split into four groups and each group takes turns preparing the food, setting the tables, serving the food, or cleaning up. We teach them table manners, and how to show respect for the people doing the hard work to get that food on the table.
How to “do” life. It’s about knowing what works for you, having balance, treating others with respect – basic principles that have taken some of us years to learn! Why not start kid’s lives with this concept now instead of letting them get there on their own (possibly decades later, and after much unhappiness!)?

I’d love to show you how we incorporate these concepts into our curriculum. Contact me now for a tour! Debbie@setthemupforsuccess.com