Does Your Child's School Make The Grade?



  1. At my child’s school self-regulation skills are taught, such as how to complete tasks, control behavior, and recognize personal boundaries.
  2. All students are given the opportunity for content mastery instead of being rushed through the curriculum.
  3. Students are taught practical things such as social skills, cooking, conversation skills, how to manage money, presentation skills and goal setting.
  4. We all learn differently, so my child’s school provides individualized learning opportunities. The teaching methods are designed to honor my child’s initiative, integrity, imagination and self-knowledge.
  5. The school my child attends strives to instill, in each child, a sense of pride and confidence in themselves, their family and their community. It encourages and supports students in ‘going the extra mile’.
  6. My child’s school teaches students critical thinking strategies that are relevant to everyday life it does not simply expect students to regurgitate facts. I believe that my child’s current school does not just teach to ‘the test’.
  7. My child’s school uses misbehavior as a teaching opportunity so the student can learn how to behave correctly. Detention and other antiquated and inappropriate disciplinary methods are not used at their school.
  8. The development of a healthy classroom culture is valued at my child’s school. In order to learn, children must feel safe, they need the freedom to question in an environment that encourages openness and genuine interaction. My child feels like a valued member of their school’s community.
  9. My child’s current school instils success principles and strategies in their pupils. Students are taught and encouraged to set goals. They are held accountable and given the opportunity to debrief each week so they can continue to improve.
  10. Yes, my child is getting their daily dose of vitamin D. The Outdoor Classroom is being used. Teachers regularly take advantage of the great outdoors; my child is not trapped within the four walls of the classroom for all their learning needs.
  11. My child’s current school teaches how to study and prepare for tests and quizzes. It does not simply tell the students to “Go home and study”.
  12. Parent Education is offered at my child’s school. I feel in partnership with my child’s teachers and administrators knowing that we all want the best for each student. It feels like an extension of my family.


Your School Report Card 

How is your child’s school behaving?

10 – 12 “YES” Answers:  ‘E’ for EXCELLENT

            Your child’s school and what it is able to provide to your family is top notch. You clearly value an enriching education for your child. Your student should be soaring academically, socially and emotionally. If they are not, speaking with a professional educator may benefit your family.

5 – 9 “YES” Answers: ‘S’ for SATISFACTORY

            While your child’s school is hitting the mark in some areas it appears there is more work to be done. Try devoting 30 – 60 minutes daily to teach the areas that your child’s school is not able to address. Your child will thank you!

0 – 4 “YES” Answers: ‘U’ for UNSATISFACTORY

            Uh oh! It looks like your child’s educational future is at risk. Several parents like you have made the necessary changes once they became aware of the gaping holes in their child’s schooling. Take some time to research your options and contact an Academic Coach to help you assess what is best for your child.

Now that you have your score, what’s next? Would you like to have a conversation on how to maximize your child’s results? If so, email and we can get you on the calendar.