Do You Know Where You Spend Your Time?

Do You Know Where You Spend Your Time?


Unproductive people can’t tell you where their time has gone. Ask yourself who and what gets your time, talents, skills, resources, and life energy? Each moment we have is precious and needs to be used in a way that brings us the most benefit. But if you are just mindlessly meandering through life, chances are you are not enjoying what life has to offer.

By being very purposeful with our time we can reduce feelings of stress and increase our feelings of well-being.  An investment that will pay dividends is to take inventory on your day and determining where improvements can be made. How can you avoid unproductive uses of your time, who is robbing you of moments without any measureable benefits? Determining these factors will give you a great starting point to take charge and revamp your productivity.

Ever find yourself rushing because you ran out of time? How does that feel? Most of us feel incredible anxiety when we are ‘running out of time’. Mistakes are generally made in this state. Why? Well one observation is that “There never seems to be enough time to do it right BUT there always seems to be time to do it over!” When my students and I discussed this concept we all enjoyed an incredible increase in productivity and production. Together we decided that redoing a task or correcting a mistake was not something we wanted to spend our time on!

In order to accomplish this goal we assigned ourselves accountability partners. We teamed up with another to ensure we didn’t slip back into old, time stealing habits. With the help of our ally we were able to bridge the time between wanting a new behavior and truly owning and acting differently. We also experienced increased awareness as we debriefed with our partners at the end of each day and listened to their insight and observations of our behavior. Start today to determine how you can be more effective, and hold on to your time!