Culture – Shady Oak Primary School


Our Culture

Through purposeful education, we create a culture based around child-centered learning. No one enjoys being micro-managed. So why should we do that to our children? A child-centered education gives our students a choice in how they learn.

In Our Culture, Students Get A Vote

We vote on various options often – should we study Math or English first? Do we want to move class outside? The students learn life lessons this way. They may not like the outcome, but since that’s what the majority wants, that’s what they’re going to do. Voting in child-centered education empowers kids to feel that this is their community in which they are a contributing member.

We Promote A Positive Culture

We discuss mindset and promote positive self-talk. We help them feel empowered to make choices that serve them. Insecurities grow in all of us throughout our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice if you learned self-confidence at a much younger age? We want to give students a solid self-esteem base to take them into those challenging middle school years. And we end each day with a compliment circle. The students never know who they will be standing next to that day, so all day they are looking for good things in other people. Imagine the self-esteem boost when you get a compliment every day!

We Create A Safe Place

Through child-centered education, we give our students a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. We are in front of behavioral issues before they become a problem. We spot conflicts and resolve them on the spot. We want children to know we love them the way they are. They don’t have to be anyone else here. A child-centered education lets students explore what moves them. They figure out life lessons in a protective environment.

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