We teach our students the best way to communicate


Purposeful education is about giving kids the skills they need to become successful adults. And a successful adult has to know how to communicate. There are many facets to proper and clear communication.


Conveying emotion


One way to ensure you have control over a situation is to know how to properly communicate your emotions. We teach our kids how to put words to what they’re feeling. The more you can learn how to express to others what you are feeling, the better experience you will have in business situations and in life. We also teach our kids the effect their words can have on each other. We spot conflicts as they are happening. For example, we’ll stop someone and say, “Do you see her face? Do you think she feels good about what you just said or did?”.


Presenting yourself in the best way


In purposeful education, our students work collaboratively to come up with solutions posed by their teacher. They then present their solution to the class. Our students regularly give speeches or presentations. Sometimes we have students give presentations to adults outside of the school. We teach children the toastmasters model for speeches. It is the best way to teach them how to communicate in a clear, effective way.


Project-based learning


Our project-based learning approach teaches children how to communicate with each other and with their teacher. As the students work together on a solution, they can quickly figure out whether or not they are being understood by their teammates. Or if they don’t understand another student, they are forced to figure out why. They also learn how to communicate their solutions in a clear way in their presentations so that the rest of the class understands it.