Richmond, TX Private School Admissions: Whole Child Instruction

Admissions Overview

Shady Oak Primary has rolling admissions at our Richmond private elementary school serving grades 1st through 5th, and makes every attempt to include interested students in our school. General enrollment procedures are as follows:

  • Attend a school tour
  • Complete an application and submit the required application fee
  • Complete and submit records request & recommendation forms
  • Participate in an interview with the prospective teacher
  • Participate in an all-day school visitation with their future classmates.
  • Participate in an assessment with the prospective teacher
  • The Admissions committee evaluates the application, assessment, and other recommendation forms and makes an admission decision.
  • At that point, parents submit the signed and dated enrollment contract, along with the applicable payment; thereby completing the enrollment process.

Our Enrollment Director, Brandy Rawls is always happy to discuss Shady Oak Education so please contact Brandy with any questions about our Richmond private school admissions at 281-344-1291 or email her at [email protected].

Please download the Prospective Family Interview below and bring it with you to the initial visit.

Fee Schedule for 23-24 School Year
  • Application Fee                                                                $275.00
    – Due upon Enrollment
    (Waived if enrolled by March 3, 2023)
  • First Semester Supply Fee                                             $200.00
    – Due August 1, 2023
  • 23-24 Yearly Tuition                                                      $13,500.00
  • Second Semester Supply Fee                                        $200.00
    – Due January 1, 2024

Choosing a school for your child is one of the many important aspects of being a parent.

  1. Does your school teach self-regulation skills –
    how to complete tasks, control behavior and recognize personal boundaries?

Academic knowledge is not enough. At Shady Oak Primary, we teach respect, confidence, social awareness, and environmental stewardship alongside standard textbook information. We make learning relevant. Every student engages in practical labor connected with the daily challenges of everyday life. In other words, they have ‘chores’, just like you. We teach our students study strategies, time management techniques, and self-awareness. Together these skills set the child up for success.

  1. Are students given the opportunity for content mastery or are they rushed through material?

We believe that all children learn at their own pace and we value that in each student. Content mastery is vital for building a solid academic foundation. Our students are given the opportunity to truly learn and understand the material before moving forward. We believe that primary school serves two purposes: to instill the love of learning and to ensure that each student has a strong foundational base in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

  1. Does your child’s school teach practical things? Does it honor the whole child in their instructional methods?

Children who regularly engage in plentiful, creative, and imaginary play excel in the mental skill referred to as “executive functioning.” The term “executive function” refers to mental processes through which children learn to regulate and control their own “knee-jerk” impulses and emotional reactions. It means they gradually learn to think and control behavior before they act inappropriately. The skills they learn on the playground and in small groups directly relates to competence in problem solving and learning to behave more reliably within acceptable social rules and conduct.

  1. Does the school strive to instill in each child a sense of pride and confidence in themselves, families, communities? Does it encourage and support going the extra mile?

At Shady Oak Primary, we ensure that the practice of gratitude is a daily event. We participate in and give back to our community. Our students are directly involved in the selection, planning, and execution of all service projects. We believe in and practice giving back because being a part of something bigger equips our students with confidence and a strong “I can do this!” attitude.

  1. Does your child’s school teach students critical thinking strategies that are relevant to everyday life?

Instead of cramming their memory full of random facts, we teach our students how to organize and make practical use of these facts. At Shady Oak Primary School, we empower students to use their minds and critical thinking strategies to solve problems that are relevant to everyday learning. Memorized facts are necessary and students will have to learn such important information. So, why not teach them how?

  1. Does your child’s school use detention and other antiquated and inappropriate disciplinary techniques that just punish behavior instead of offering opportunities for learning?

We teach, encourage, and support personal behavior management techniques that equip students to manage their emotions, relationships, and interactions with each other. There is a more effective way to educate students about these tools than simply sending them to detention. Natural consequences teach naturally! We produce team players with strong leadership capabilities.

  1. Is the classroom culture valued at school?

A strong community fosters a sense of belonging, ownership, and empowerment. Our students are individuals and we value the contributions of each child. A classroom in which children feel safe and accepted reduces conflict and inspires cooperation and collaboration. Students are encouraged to concentrate on their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.

  1. Does your child’s current school instill success strategies in their student?

Success leaves a trail and the earlier your child understands and starts to practice success habits, the easier it will be for them to achieve everything they desire. We have studied success for decades and have a very specific protocol for our students that will enable them to achieve outstanding results in all areas of their lives.

  1. Is your child getting their daily dose of vitamin D?

We love our outdoor classroom! Inspired learning includes the child in the process, adapts to his or her needs, and stays engaging. Our students love the opportunity to be outside. Growing up we all remember those rare occasions when we got to go outside and listen to our teacher read to us. At Shady Oak, we make that a part of our daily routine.

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