TALKING TO YOUR DAUGHTER Notwithstanding today’s embracing of unisex and transgender roles, the majority of youngsters still tend toward many characteristics traditionally associated with their birth genders—and face peer pressure in areas where they don’t naturally match up. Here are some ways to help a girl appreciate her femininity without compromising her unique … [Read more...] about TALKING TO YOUR DAUGHTER

Raising Independent Kids

Raising Independent Kids Part of the job of being a parent is to protect children from harm. However, it is impossible to shield kids from everything, especially as they grow older and spend more time away from home. Raising children and teens to be self-reliant is also part of a parent’s job. The five tips listed below can provide a good foundation for ensuring that children grow up to … [Read more...] about Raising Independent Kids

7 Tips for Raising Compassionate Kids

7 Tips for Raising Compassionate Kids To build a better world, we need more than a reduction in anger. We need active empathy, understanding, and compassion for all fellow creatures. The best time to develop any positive quality is as young as possible. If you want your children to grow up adding to the world’s compassion bank:   1. Show Compassion to Them on a Daily Basis It … [Read more...] about 7 Tips for Raising Compassionate Kids

Three Ways to Encourage Your Child

Three Ways to Encourage Your Child "Encourage" means "infuse with courage". And most parents are all in favor of having their children be courageous—knowing their own minds, trying and excelling at new things, standing up for what’s right—until we realize they may also use that courage to disagree with us, or to choose a path that entails real danger. (Some parents get as terrified about … [Read more...] about Three Ways to Encourage Your Child